Transforming the lives of
severely disabled children
and their families

Welcome to The Big Splash Trust 

BST LogoFor families with severely disabled children, trying to live an ordinary life can be very tough. Having a severely disabled child can isolate the whole family. Things that most of us take for granted become huge challenges.

Local leisure facilities such as swimming pools are often not accessible to disabled children, so families cannot play together. Parents may not know where to begin telling stories to children with severe learning and communication difficulties. Ongoing illness can mean that severely disabled children miss out on education. Getting advice and support with dealing with especially challenging behaviour can be hard to come by.

Providing practical support to overcome these barriers is what
The Big Splash Trust
is all about.

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For all severely disabled children and young people in West London and their families, including siblings, to have more opportunities to have fun together, learn and live life to the full.

The Big Splash Trust Video

Find out more about the hydrotherapy pool at Jack Tizard School and the children it helps

Recorded in 2012

Benefits for Children

Hydrotherapy can transform the lives of severely disabled children and young people.

It develops their communication, interpersonal and physical skills, extending their mobility, muscle strength, balance and coordination.

All while having fun.

Benefits for the Family